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The different applications of the color red in decoration

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In home decorations

When working on the interiors, we must bear in mind what objective we want to set and how we can achieve it. For this, it is convenient to know the different applications of the color red in decoration . and if you need more color advice i recomended you to read this post from forsimplytech

This tonality is intense and attracts a lot of attention. Wherever it is located, it will attract our eyes , especially if it is available in large areas. It is important that we check what its possibilities are and how it can be used.

It is true that interior design is not only governed by shapes and materials. The aesthetics and the sensitive appreciation that we have about the spaces can become a determining factor in achieving comfort.

Its use in rest areas

The different applications of the color red in decoration

The color red is among the vibrant tones , those that awaken within us a host of passions and forces charged with a lot of character. Ultimately, it is a way of providing personality and distinction.

In a rest space, such as the living room, bedroom or living room, it should be incorporated in a simple and basic way; that is, to appear anecdotally , whether on sofa cushions, on a tablecloth, in a centerpiece , on candles, etc.

It is not a question of dominating the environment, but of being a differential resource. If we cover the entire walls or have several pieces of furniture of this color, its presence can be something forceful and, on the other hand, somewhat exciting. Therefore, it is not interesting to apply this trend.

Red is between passion, strength and decorum.

How do you work in the kitchen and bathroom?

If we pay attention to the way in which the color red is positioned in the decoration, it is considered one of the new aesthetic trends ; that is, it consolidates itself with prominence and launches an aesthetic message that quickly reaches our minds.

  1. In the kitchen, we can find it mainly in the furniture. It is a way to radiate greater energy and firmness . In addition, a certain degree of originality is provided , since it is in spaces like this that neutral or white tones are usually used.
  2. If we do not want to give it so much prominence, it is convenient to know that, aesthetically, it is better to have it individually : on a stool, in bowls, on a matel, etc.
  3. With regard to the bathroom something similar happens; however, its appearance in the ceramic of the walls becomes very interesting, as long as it contrasts with whites or grays. Also, it may be related to the warmth of the wood.
  4. If we do not want the bathroom to be completed in this way, it is necessary that we use it in basic and elementary resources such as a glass, a piece of furniture or, even, in a toilet if we prefer to obtain a fundamental axis.
  5. As for the floors, it is not advisable for them to be red, taking into account that they will generate a determining aesthetic effect.

Its appearance through plants

5 deco ideas you can make with the poinsettia

It is necessary to clarify that the red color in the decoration can concur in a completely different way from what has been explained so far. We are referring to its appearance through indoor plants.

A very interesting case is the roses Wherever they are, they position themselves with elegance and uniqueness. For example, on the table in the living room or in the hall they are established as a dynamic aesthetic element.

In the same way, the poinsettia is very recurrent, especially at Christmas time. It serves to decorate the table when we are going to hold a celebration and, also, contributes with the rest of the resources of the place.

Another way to incorporate red into the home.

The different possibilities of the color red in decoration

Do not forget that there are different types of reds . Some are more intense and louder, and others are duller and more subdued. In the same way, the garnet is halfway there; that is to say, it does not show that strength of red because it is darker.

Obviously, we are going to opt for the one that best suits the home. It will also depend on the level of importance that we want to give it and the relevance it acquires according to its position in the interiors. It is therefore considered a good setting for decoration.


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