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It is time to end the phantom consumption of light

dali1990 By On 25/10/2021 0

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It has happened to all of us that when the bills arrive, the amounts to be paid are high and, deep down, we have tried not to waste energy excessively; therefore what is happening? It is time to end the phantom consumption of light.

Obviously, in the home there are appliances that are constantly working and do not stop: the refrigerator, the freezer, the water heater, clocks, etc. However, they usually have an energy saving system so as not to waste excessively.

In this sense, you have to act immediately and know what is being done wrong. We are going to know what elements are affecting our pocket and why we must be careful in small details that, deep down, are completely assimilated and we do them automatically.

What is phantom light consumption?

Phantom light consumption

We probably don't know what the meaning of this concept is. We are faced with a type of energy consumption that goes unnoticed ; that is, we do not realize that certain resources are using electricity but without having a useful application afterwards.

It represents between 8 and 11% of the energy consumption of the month and, calculating in costs, reaches between 3 and 5 € per month. If we multiply these figures by the months of the year, we spend between € 40 and € 60, taking into account that it has no application or functionality.

An appliance that is off or in standby is using watts of power. Obviously, it is not doing a high consumption but if we add the phantom energy that is consumed throughout the month, we will realize the energy waste.

The time has come to manage which appliances are constantly plugged into the light.

Devices that produce phantom light consumption

It must be taken into account that, as its name indicates, fantasy consumption is that which occurs without our realizing it ; that is, we have different resources that, supposedly, are turned off but, in reality, they continue to use low amounts of electricity.

Next, we are going to analyze some of the devices that generate this problem. First of all, we must be aware of the situation and apply some tricks to save energy .

  1. The power strips are usually always on , with the red button flashing , when it is most convenient to turn them off and unplug them. If they are not going to be used, why have them connected? In addition, we can prevent overheating or short circuits.
  2. Devices such as computer, tablet, razor, lamps, etc., are using some power despite being turned off. If we do a count, we have a large number of devices.
  3. The mobile charger is another of those that are connected to the light. Generally, we use it once a day; so why not save it after we're done? It is a small gesture that does not cost anything to do.
  4. As for the electrical appliances (oven, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator , microwave… ), we cannot constantly plug and unplug each one of them. For this reason, you have to count on the expense of all of them.

Small gestures to save money and energy

Phantom light consumption

Responsible consumption is in all of us. We have become aware of turning off the light when we are not using it or trying to leave everything off when we leave the house. However, we have verified the existence of other devices that, even if they are switched off, continue to consume.

It is convenient to apply some daily techniques to change habits and thus improve the situation. Whenever we have charged the battery of a device, we collect the cable and put it away. If we do not turn on the television regularly, it is better that it is unplugged and, thus, we will use less electricity .

The same can be said of the strips. We must turn off the red button or, failing that, remove it from the power supply if possible . The same happens with floor lamps or flexos; Instead of having them all plugged in, when we go to use them we connect them.

Eco-efficiency is the future

As a general rule, electrical appliances and technological resources incorporate an energy eco - efficiency label This means that we can achieve savings in light consumption even though they are continuously connected.

In any case, the best eco-efficiency is the practice that we carry out ourselves. In other words, we must be consistent with our actions and, above all, make responsible consumption . It is time to turn off the light and turn on the mind.

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