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Choose the right type of sofa for your living room design

dali1990 By On 17/09/2021 0

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Choosing the right type of sofa for our living room is not always easy. Sometimes we get carried away only by the design, forgetting that the space where we will put it is just as important . The good thing is that today we can find countless options that fit different spaces and tastes, we just need to choose the right one. and if you need some tips here how to use them to decorate your narrow living room 

Why choose a sofa for the living room?

These types of chairs are the most comfortable.

With precisely so many options to decorate the living room, you may be tempted to choose another type of furniture. However, we have to tell you that the sofa has positioned itself as one of the most important elements of this space to share with family and friends.

The sofas are quite comfortable when it comes to sitting and lying on them. It is that yes, this is not like any chair, it allows us to accommodate ourselves much better alone or with others . There we share talks, watch our favorite program or read a book, activities that require comfort and convenience, where the position of the body is very important.

The right type of sofa for your living room design

The excuse of many for not choosing a sofa and missing out on all the benefits it offers us is space. Yes, some are very small, others are very narrow and others are too large, the truth is that the only problem there is is not choosing the correct one for those different spaces.

For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of looking for those types of sofas that are more and better suited to the different living room designs that we find today in the floors . Take note!

Narrow hall

This living room design is usually the nemesis of many, it is the reason to give a resounding no to the sofa. But it does not have to be like that. In this type of living room you can place a sofa with a chaise longue or corner very well , as it usually leaves a good space to move around the room without major problem.

Of course, there are all types and sizes, so try to choose one that is not so robust. Preferably, it should be placed in the corners of the room . Placing it in this position will allow you to complement the decoration of the living room with a beautiful side or coffee table.

Small living room

Small sofas for small living rooms.

For small living rooms, small sofas. In this case it is very important that you take into account the measurements of your living room , it is the only way to guarantee that your sofa fits and, in addition, looks good. This will allow you to compare the measurements of the sofa and make a correct choice.

The good and interesting thing is that there are designs that fit very well. The important thing in this case is that you do not choose a sofa with a chaise longue , nor one that has more than two seats. He prefers those that are not so robust, that have a low backrest and that do not have armrests, this will give more space visually.

If you are concerned about comfort, you should know that there are some models that do not have these characteristics, but they are still very comfortable. You can complement the design of the living room with an auxiliary seat or choose two mini sofas.

Spacious living room

Spacious rooms are the dream of many, just the word "wide" leads us to think big. Well, in this case you can afford to choose almost any type of sofa and not limit yourself if you love comfort because, no matter how robust they are, you can accommodate them without major problem.

Of course, it is always recommended to measure, for me to get uncomfortable surprises. In addition to choosing a large sofa, you can complement it with another, better if they are in L because you can cover a good space , even place them in front. In this case, you can complement the decoration with coffee tables and occasional tables , among other furniture.

Keep in mind that the trick is that the combination between sofas or sofas and seats maintains the proportions in terms of length. This will keep the balance , regardless of whether the sofas or chairs are different in designs, shapes, and colors.

Square living room

Square living rooms arouse mixed feelings. They tend to lend themselves to watching television comfortably, but it has its limitations. Depending on the size of your square living room you can choose two sofas to face them , if space is limited they can be attached to the wall. They can be the same sofas or of different colors and designs.

You can also place two L-shaped sofas, but of different length, it can be one for three positions and another for two. The important thing is that they do not have a chaise longue . In this space you can also use a single large or long corner sofa , in which case it could have a chaise, try to face it with the furniture of the audiovisual equipment.

Open living room with a view

Open living room with a view.

This is the living room design that we all want to have. Most likely, the living room, in addition to being open and with a view, has good space, so any type of sofa will come in handy. The golden rule will be the low backrests , because you will not want the beautiful view you have from the front to be hidden by the furniture.

Locate the sofa that can be two to three seats facing the view and to the sides other small sofas, chairs or armchairs. It all depends on the size of your living room and what you want in terms of decoration . With these elements you can play, the large sofa to one side and the chairs or small sofas facing you. Don't forget your coffee table, the side tables or a magazine rack !

Rectangular living room

The rooms with a rectangular design have similarities with the squares, the obvious difference is that there is a longer wall . In this case, two L-shaped sofas facing and leaning against the wall will come in handy, depending on how big the rectangle is, you can use the chaise longue or not .

In this case, you can also use a sofa that is longer than the other, although they must share style and model. The remaining gaps can be used to place auxiliary tables. If the rectangular living room is designed for living room and dining room, you can well use the location of the sofas to separate the spaces .

Did you identify the right type of sofa for your living room?

As you could read, it is not so easy to choose the right type of sofa for your living room. The most important thing is to measure the space we have available so that the sofas do not end up overwhelming you every time you see them. Take advantage of the options that the market has to have the room you have always dreamed of.


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